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The R.A.D Laura Games Tee

  • Color: Black
  • Graphic Artwork Color: Multicolored
  • Material: 100% Organic Cotton
  • Design: Portland, OR, USA
  • Origin: Portugal, EU


About The Illustrator: Kris Andrew Small

Small’s maximalist, pop-art style has turned him into one of the most sought-after graphic artists in the World. His work has been hung in The Louvre, he’s appeared in the pages of The Washington Post, Dazed and Crack Magazine, and he’s regularly booked for campaigns with brands ranging from Nike, Apple and Adidas, to Gay Times and Pride Week.

Small’s work is designed to make people happy. It’s fun, warm and inviting.

We thought he was a great fit for Laura as his style could visually reflect the impact she is making in the CrossFit world, the energy of her KADUZS slogan and R.A.D® collaboration vibes.



RAD - Laura Games Tee picture
RAD - Laura Games Tee picture
Size Guide

Sizing Tip: These are a relaxed fit and based on a classic skate tee. Fit true to size or size up if you want it super baggy.

SizeBody Length
Chest Width
Sleeve Length
Extra Small26 1/2 in.17 in.7 7/8 in.
Small27 1/2 in.
19 in.
8 1/8 in.
Medium28 1/2 in.
21 in.
8 3/8 in.
Large29 1/2 in.
23 in. 
8 5/8 in.
Extra Large30 1/2 in.
25 in. 
8 7/8 in.

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