The R.A.D® R-1, our debut running shoe, forms the base of our running line.

The tuned midsole technology, SwellFoam N2™, provides cushion for long runs and enough pop for tempo & interval sessions. The R-1 is the workhorse for any running shoe rotation.

We celebrate movement, self-expression, and the meditative power of running.

The clock brings joy and disappointment in equal measure. The clock always has and always will be held in the highest regard, but it can rob you of the other magical powers of running – meditation and escapism. The same run will take each person on a different journey. Forget minutes and seconds - get lost in thought, freedom and flight #FuckTheClock #TunedForRunning.


We’re a young brand working hard to make the best product responsibly, reassessing our business practices at every stage, from sourcing and production to shipping, packaging, and beyond.

We use the same philosophy we would use when training. We make marginal gains and step-by-step improvements to progress past new milestones. That’s what we mean when we say we’re Tuned For The Future™.